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Academic Article MDCT detection of airway stent complications: comparison with bronchoscopy.
Academic Article Bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome in heart-lung transplant recipients: diagnosis with expiratory CT.
Academic Article Static end-expiratory and dynamic forced expiratory tracheal collapse in COPD.
Academic Article MR ventilation-perfusion imaging of human lung using oxygen-enhanced and arterial spin labeling techniques.
Academic Article Reproducibility of forced expiratory tracheal collapse: assessment with MDCT in healthy volunteers.
Academic Article [Spiral CT angiography in diagnosis of acute pulmonary embolism. What factors modify implementation of standard algorithms?].
Academic Article [Diagnostic reliability of 0.2 Tesla dedicated MRI low-field strength equipment in traumatology].
Academic Article Air trapping: comparison of standard-dose and simulated low-dose thin-section CT techniques.
Academic Article Subcarinal collection following mediastinoscopy: a normal post-procedural CT finding.
Academic Article Lung metastases.
Academic Article Lung manifestation in asymptomatic patients with primary Sjögren syndrome: assessment with high resolution CT and pulmonary function tests.
Academic Article [Spiral CT in acute pulmonary embolism].
Academic Article Tracheal collapsibility in healthy volunteers during forced expiration: assessment with multidetector CT.
Academic Article Multiple inversion recovery MR subtraction imaging of human ventilation from inhalation of room air and pure oxygen.
Academic Article Subjective differentiation of normal and pathological bronchi on thin-section CT: impact of observer training.
Academic Article Interobserver variability in the CT assessment of honeycombing in the lungs.
Academic Article [T1 maps and O2-enhanced MRT of the diseased lung. Emphysema, fibrosis, mucoviscidosis].
Academic Article Imaging pulmonary blood flow and perfusion using phase-sensitive selective inversion recovery.
Academic Article Gravity-dependent signal gradients on MR images of the lung in supine and prone positions: a comparison with isogravitational signal variability.
Academic Article [Diagnostic imaging in intensive care. Techniques, indications, diagnostic signs--II].
Academic Article [MRI diagnosis of lesions of the anterior cruciate ligament--comparison of 1.0 Tesla and 0.2 Tesla. Initial results].
Academic Article Tumor staging of laryngeal and hypopharyngeal carcinomas with functional spiral CT: comparison with nonfunctional CT, histopathology, and microlaryngoscopy.
Academic Article [MRI in radiologically occult scaphoid fractures. Initial experiences with 1.0 Tesla (whole body-middle field equipment) versus 0.2 Tesla (dedicated low-field equipment)].
Academic Article [Imaging of emphysema].
Academic Article [Radiologic diagnosis of lung tuberculosis].
Academic Article Software-based risk stratification of pulmonary adenocarcinomas manifesting as pure ground glass nodules on computed tomography.
Academic Article [Imaging in collagen-vascular diseases with special emphasis on fibrotic lung alterations].
Academic Article Computed tomography angiography for suspected pulmonary embolism: comparison of 2 adaptive statistical iterative reconstruction blends to filtered back-projection alone.

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