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David A Sela PhD

TitleAdjunct Assistant Professor
InstitutionUniversity of Massachusetts Medical School
DepartmentMicrobiology and Physiological Systems
AddressUniversity of Massachusetts
340 Chenoweth Laboratory 102 Holdworth Way
Amherst MA 01003
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    InstitutionUMMS - School of Medicine
    DepartmentMicrobiology and Physiological Systems

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    State University of New York, New Paltz, New Paltz, NY, United StatesBSMolecular Biology
    University of California, Davis, Davis, CA, United StatesMSFood Microbiology
    University of California, Davis, Davis, CA, United StatesPHDMicrobiology

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    1. Albert K, Rani A, Sela DA. Comparative Pangenomics of the Mammalian Gut Commensal Bifidobacterium longum. Microorganisms. 2019 Dec 18; 8(1). PMID: 31861401.
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    2. Gu M, Sun J, Qi C, Cai X, Goulette T, Song M, You X, Sela DA, Xiao H. The gastrointestinal fate of limonin and its effect on gut microbiota in mice. Food Funct. 2019 Aug 16. PMID: 31418448.
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    3. Lugli GA, Duranti S, Albert K, Mancabelli L, Napoli S, Viappiani A, Anzalone R, Longhi G, Milani C, Turroni F, Alessandri G, Sela DA, van Sinderen D, Ventura M. Unveiling genomic diversity among members of the Bifidobacteriumpseudolongum species, a widely distributed gut commensal of the animal kingdom. Appl Environ Microbiol. 2019 Feb 08. PMID: 30737347.
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    4. Einson JE, Rani A, You X, Rodriguez AA, Randell CL, Barnaba T, Mammel MK, Kotewicz ML, Elkins CA, Sela DA. A Vegetable Fermentation Facility Hosts Distinct Microbiomes Reflecting the Production Environment. Appl Environ Microbiol. 2018 Nov 15; 84(22). PMID: 30171008.
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    5. Albert K, Sela DA. Draft Genome Sequence of Bifidobacterium longum UMA026, Isolated from Holstein Dairy Cow Feces. Genome Announc. 2018 Jun 21; 6(25). PMID: 29930064.
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    6. Albert K, Rani A, Sela DA. The comparative genomics of Bifidobacterium callitrichos reflects dietary carbohydrate utilization within the common marmoset gut. Microb Genom. 2018 Jun 15. PMID: 29906260.
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    7. Özcan E, Sela DA. Inefficient Metabolism of the Human Milk Oligosaccharides Lacto-N-tetraose and Lacto-N-neotetraose Shifts Bifidobacterium longum subsp. infantis Physiology. Front Nutr. 2018; 5:46. PMID: 29900174.
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    8. Qi C, Sun J, Li Y, Gu M, Goulette T, You X, Sela DA, Wang X, Xiao H. Peyer's patch-specific Lactobacillus reuteri strains increase extracellular microbial DNA and antimicrobial peptide expression in the mouse small intestine. Food Funct. 2018 May 23; 9(5):2989-2997. PMID: 29774357.
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    9. You X, Einson JE, Lopez-Pena CL, Song M, Xiao H, McClements DJ, Sela DA. Food-grade cationic antimicrobial e-polylysine transiently alters the gut microbial community and predicted metagenome function in CD-1 mice. NPJ Sci Food. 2017; 1:8. PMID: 31304250.
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    10. Tiani KA, Yeung TW, McClements DJ, Sela DA. Extending viability of Lactobacillus plantarum and Lactobacillus johnsonii by microencapsulation in alginate microgels. Int J Food Sci Nutr. 2018 Mar; 69(2):155-164. PMID: 28683582.
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    11. Özcan E, Sun J, Rowley DC, Sela DA. A human gut commensal ferments cranberry carbohydrates to produce formate. Appl Environ Microbiol. 2017 Jun 30. PMID: 28667113.
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    12. Albert K, Sela DA. Draft Genome Sequences of Alloscardovia macacae UMA81211 and UMA81212, Isolated from the Feces of a Rhesus Macaque (Macaca mulatta). Genome Announc. 2017 Jun 29; 5(26). PMID: 28663296.
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    13. Thomas S, Izard J, Walsh E, Batich K, Chongsathidkiet P, Clarke G, Sela DA, Muller AJ, Mullin JM, Albert K, Gilligan JP, DiGuilio K, Dilbarova R, Alexander W, Prendergast GC. The Host Microbiome Regulates and Maintains Human Health: A Primer and Perspective for Non-Microbiologists. Cancer Res. 2017 Mar 14. PMID: 28292977.
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    14. Allen-Blevins CR, You X, Hinde K, Sela DA. Handling stress may confound murine gut microbiota studies. PeerJ. 2017; 5:e2876. PMID: 28097073.
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    15. Jackson AA, Hinkley TC, Talbert JN, Nugen SR, Sela DA. Genetic optimization of a bacteriophage-delivered alkaline phosphatase reporter to detect Escherichia coli. Analyst. 2016 Oct 7; 141(19):5543-8. PMID: 27412402.
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    16. Yeung TW, Arroyo-Maya IJ, McClements DJ, Sela DA. Correction: Microencapsulation of probiotics in hydrogel particles: enhancing Lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris LM0230 viability using calcium alginate beads. Food Funct. 2016 Jun 15; 7(6):2909. PMID: 27258551.
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    17. Yeung TW, Üçok EF, Tiani KA, McClements DJ, Sela DA. Microencapsulation in Alginate and Chitosan Microgels to Enhance Viability of Bifidobacterium longum for Oral Delivery. Front Microbiol. 2016; 7:494. PMID: 27148184.
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    18. Wang Z, Wang D, Kinchla AJ, Sela DA, Nugen SR. Rapid screening of waterborne pathogens using phage-mediated separation coupled with real-time PCR detection. Anal Bioanal Chem. 2016 Jun; 408(15):4169-78. PMID: 27071764.
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    19. Yeung TW, Arroyo-Maya IJ, McClements DJ, Sela DA. Microencapsulation of probiotics in hydrogel particles: enhancing Lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris LM0230 viability using calcium alginate beads. Food Funct. 2016 Apr; 7(4):1797-804. PMID: 26611443.
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    20. Ozdal T, Sela DA, Xiao J, Boyacioglu D, Chen F, Capanoglu E. The Reciprocal Interactions between Polyphenols and Gut Microbiota and Effects on Bioaccessibility. Nutrients. 2016 Feb 06; 8(2):78. PMID: 26861391; PMCID: PMC4772042.
    21. Wang Z, Wang D, Chen J, Sela DA, Nugen SR. Development of a novel bacteriophage based biomagnetic separation method as an aid for sensitive detection of viable Escherichia coli. Analyst. 2016 Feb 07; 141(3):1009-16. PMID: 26689710.
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    22. Lewis ZT, Shani G, Masarweh CF, Popovic M, Frese SA, Sela DA, Underwood MA, Mills DA. Validating bifidobacterial species and subspecies identity in commercial probiotic products. Pediatr Res. 2016 Mar; 79(3):445-52. PMID: 26571226; PMCID: PMC4916961.
    23. Garrido D, Ruiz-Moyano S, Lemay DG, Sela DA, German JB, Mills DA. Erratum: Comparative transcriptomics reveals key differences in the response to milk oligosaccharides of infant gut-associated bifidobacteria. Sci Rep. 2015 Nov 02; 5:15311. PMID: 26522826; PMCID: PMC4629190.
    24. Turroni F, Özcan E, Milani C, Mancabelli L, Viappiani A, van Sinderen D, Sela DA, Ventura M. Glycan cross-feeding activities between bifidobacteria under in vitro conditions. Front Microbiol. 2015; 6:1030. PMID: 26441950; PMCID: PMC4585166.
    25. Garrido D, Ruiz-Moyano S, Lemay DG, Sela DA, German JB, Mills DA. Comparative transcriptomics reveals key differences in the response to milk oligosaccharides of infant gut-associated bifidobacteria. Sci Rep. 2015 Sep 04; 5:13517. PMID: 26337101; PMCID: PMC4559671.
    26. Lopez-Pena CL, Zheng B, Sela DA, Decker EA, Xiao H, McClements DJ. Impact of e-polylysine and pectin on the potential gastrointestinal fate of emulsified lipids: In vitro mouth, stomach and small intestine model. Food Chem. 2016 Feb 1; 192:857-64. PMID: 26304421.
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    27. Allen-Blevins CR, Sela DA, Hinde K. Milk bioactives may manipulate microbes to mediate parent-offspring conflict. Evol Med Public Health. 2015 Apr 02; 2015(1):106-21. PMID: 25835022; PMCID: PMC4512713.
    28. Sela DA, Mills DA. The marriage of nutrigenomics with the microbiome: the case of infant-associated bifidobacteria and milk. Am J Clin Nutr. 2014 Mar; 99(3):697S-703S. PMID: 24452239; PMCID: PMC3927697.
    29. Dallas DC, Sela D, Underwood MA, German JB, Lebrilla C. Protein-Linked Glycan Degradation in Infants Fed Human Milk. J Glycomics Lipidomics. 2012 May 01; Suppl 1:002. PMID: 24533224.
      View in: PubMed
    30. Sela DA, Garrido D, Lerno L, Wu S, Tan K, Eom HJ, Joachimiak A, Lebrilla CB, Mills DA. Bifidobacterium longum subsp. infantis ATCC 15697 a-fucosidases are active on fucosylated human milk oligosaccharides. Appl Environ Microbiol. 2012 Feb; 78(3):795-803. PMID: 22138995; PMCID: PMC3264123.
    31. Sela DA, Li Y, Lerno L, Wu S, Marcobal AM, German JB, Chen X, Lebrilla CB, Mills DA. An infant-associated bacterial commensal utilizes breast milk sialyloligosaccharides. J Biol Chem. 2011 Apr 08; 286(14):11909-18. PMID: 21288901; PMCID: PMC3069393.
    32. Sela DA. Bifidobacterial utilization of human milk oligosaccharides. Int J Food Microbiol. 2011 Sep 01; 149(1):58-64. PMID: 21342711.
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    33. LoCascio RG, Desai P, Sela DA, Weimer B, Mills DA. Broad conservation of milk utilization genes in Bifidobacterium longum subsp. infantis as revealed by comparative genomic hybridization. Appl Environ Microbiol. 2010 Nov; 76(22):7373-81. PMID: 20802066; PMCID: PMC2976205.
    34. Sela DA, Mills DA. Nursing our microbiota: molecular linkages between bifidobacteria and milk oligosaccharides. Trends Microbiol. 2010 Jul; 18(7):298-307. PMID: 20409714; PMCID: PMC2902656.
    35. Barboza M, Sela DA, Pirim C, Locascio RG, Freeman SL, German JB, Mills DA, Lebrilla CB. Glycoprofiling bifidobacterial consumption of galacto-oligosaccharides by mass spectrometry reveals strain-specific, preferential consumption of glycans. Appl Environ Microbiol. 2009 Dec; 75(23):7319-25. PMID: 19801485; PMCID: PMC2786398.
    36. Ventura M, Turroni F, Lima-Mendez G, Foroni E, Zomer A, Duranti S, Giubellini V, Bottacini F, Horvath P, Barrangou R, Sela DA, Mills DA, van Sinderen D. Comparative analyses of prophage-like elements present in bifidobacterial genomes. Appl Environ Microbiol. 2009 Nov; 75(21):6929-36. PMID: 19734330; PMCID: PMC2772436.
    37. Marcobal AM, Sela DA, Wolf YI, Makarova KS, Mills DA. Role of hypermutability in the evolution of the genus Oenococcus. J Bacteriol. 2008 Jan; 190(2):564-70. PMID: 17993526; PMCID: PMC2223689.
    38. LoCascio RG, Ninonuevo MR, Freeman SL, Sela DA, Grimm R, Lebrilla CB, Mills DA, German JB. Glycoprofiling of bifidobacterial consumption of human milk oligosaccharides demonstrates strain specific, preferential consumption of small chain glycans secreted in early human lactation. J Agric Food Chem. 2007 Oct 31; 55(22):8914-9. PMID: 17915960.
      View in: PubMed
    39. Sela DA, Rawsthorne H, Mills DA. Characterization of the lactococcal group II intron target site in its native host. Plasmid. 2007 Sep; 58(2):127-39. PMID: 17408740.
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