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Academic Article Regulation of GLUT1-mediated sugar transport by an antiport/uniport switch mechanism.
Academic Article Quench-flow analysis reveals multiple phases of GluT1-mediated sugar transport.
Academic Article Properties of the human erythrocyte glucose transport protein are determined by cellular context.
Academic Article ATP-dependent sugar transport complexity in human erythrocytes.
Academic Article Will the original glucose transporter isoform please stand up!
Academic Article Determinants of ligand binding affinity and cooperativity at the GLUT1 endofacial site.
Academic Article Sequence determinants of GLUT1 oligomerization: analysis by homology-scanning mutagenesis.
Academic Article Glucose transporter function is controlled by transporter oligomeric structure. A single, intramolecular disulfide promotes GLUT1 tetramerization.
Academic Article Atypical GLUT1 deficiency with prominent movement disorder responsive to ketogenic diet.
Academic Article Structural basis of GLUT1 inhibition by cytoplasmic ATP.
Academic Article alpha- and beta-monosaccharide transport in human erythrocytes.
Academic Article Altered GLUT1 substrate selectivity in human erythropoiesis?
Academic Article Sequence determinants of GLUT1-mediated accelerated-exchange transport: analysis by homology-scanning mutagenesis.
Concept Glucose Transporter Type 3
Concept Glucose Transporter Type 1
Concept Glucose Transporter Type 4
Academic Article Human erythrocytes transport dehydroascorbic acid and sugars using the same transporter complex.
Academic Article Caffeine inhibits glucose transport by binding at the GLUT1 nucleotide-binding site.
Academic Article WZB117 (2-Fluoro-6-(m-hydroxybenzoyloxy) Phenyl m-Hydroxybenzoate) Inhibits GLUT1-mediated Sugar Transport by Binding Reversibly at the Exofacial Sugar Binding Site.
Academic Article Do Skeletal Dynamics Mediate Sugar Uptake and Transport in Human Erythrocytes?
Academic Article Red wine and green tea flavonoids are cis-allosteric activators and competitive inhibitors of glucose transporter 1 (GLUT1)-mediated sugar uptake.
Academic Article Reconciling contradictory findings: Glucose transporter 1 (GLUT1) functions as an oligomer of allosteric, alternating access transporters.
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