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Academic Article Impact of preferential interactions on thermal stability and gelation of bovine serum albumin in aqueous sucrose solutions.
Academic Article Relationships between free radical scavenging and antioxidant activity in foods.
Concept Cattle
Academic Article Spectroscopic studies of conformational changes of ?-lactoglobulin adsorbed on gold nanoparticle surfaces.
Academic Article Influence of Homogenization and Thermal Processing on the Gastrointestinal Fate of Bovine Milk Fat: In Vitro Digestion Study.
Academic Article Rheological and microstructural properties of cold-set emulsion gels fabricated from mixed proteins: Whey protein and lactoferrin.
Academic Article Fabrication of Curcumin-Loaded Dairy Milks Using the pH-Shift Method: Formation, Stability, and Bioaccessibility.
Academic Article Protein-polyphenol functional ingredients: The foaming properties of lactoferrin are enhanced by forming complexes with procyanidin.
Academic Article Fortification of Plant-Based Milk with Calcium May Reduce Vitamin D Bioaccessibility: An In Vitro Digestion Study.
Academic Article Digestibility and gastrointestinal fate of meat versus plant-based meat analogs: An in vitro comparison.
Academic Article Fabrication, characterization, and performance of antimicrobial alginate-based films containing thymol-loaded lipid nanoparticles: Comparison of nanoemulsions and nanostructured lipid carriers.
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