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Academic Article The role of the sid1p kinase and cdc14p in regulating the onset of cytokinesis in fission yeast.
Academic Article Cytokinesis in eukaryotes.
Academic Article Dma1 prevents mitotic exit and cytokinesis by inhibiting the septation initiation network (SIN).
Academic Article Initiation of cytokinesis is controlled through multiple modes of regulation of the Sid2p-Mob1p kinase complex.
Academic Article Rictor, a novel binding partner of mTOR, defines a rapamycin-insensitive and raptor-independent pathway that regulates the cytoskeleton.
Academic Article An expanding role for mTOR in cancer.
Academic Article Ablation in mice of the mTORC components raptor, rictor, or mLST8 reveals that mTORC2 is required for signaling to Akt-FOXO and PKCalpha, but not S6K1.
Academic Article Interaction between the noncatalytic region of Sid1p kinase and Cdc14p is required for full catalytic activity and localization of Sid1p.
Academic Article The pharmacology of mTOR inhibition.
Academic Article mTOR complex 1 regulates lipin 1 localization to control the SREBP pathway.
Academic Article Postprandial hepatic lipid metabolism requires signaling through Akt2 independent of the transcription factors FoxA2, FoxO1, and SREBP1c.
Academic Article Phosphorylation and regulation of Akt/PKB by the rictor-mTOR complex.
Academic Article Functional genomics identifies TOR-regulated genes that control growth and division.
Academic Article Defining the role of mTOR in cancer.
Academic Article mTOR complex 2 is required for the development of prostate cancer induced by Pten loss in mice.
Academic Article Targeting mTOR: prospects for mTOR complex 2 inhibitors in cancer therapy.
Academic Article Evaluating the therapeutic potential of mTOR inhibitors using mouse genetics.
Academic Article Sarcomas induced in discrete subsets of prospectively isolated skeletal muscle cells.
Academic Article Rapamycin-induced insulin resistance is mediated by mTORC2 loss and uncoupled from longevity.
Academic Article PTEN loss in the Myf5 lineage redistributes body fat and reveals subsets of white adipocytes that arise from Myf5 precursors.
Academic Article mTOR complex 1 plays critical roles in hematopoiesis and Pten-loss-evoked leukemogenesis.
Academic Article mTOR-dependent cell survival mechanisms.
Concept Cyclin-Dependent Kinases
Concept Protein Kinase Inhibitors
Concept Ribosomal Protein S6 Kinases
Concept Protein Kinases
Concept Protein Kinase C
Concept Phosphotransferases (Alcohol Group Acceptor)
Concept Glycogen Synthase Kinase 3
Concept Protein Kinase C-alpha
Concept Phosphotransferases
Concept Phosphatidylinositol 3-Kinases
Academic Article T cell exit from quiescence and differentiation into Th2 cells depend on Raptor-mTORC1-mediated metabolic reprogramming.
Academic Article Rictor/mTORC2 loss in the Myf5 lineage reprograms brown fat metabolism and protects mice against obesity and metabolic disease.
Academic Article Adipose tissue mTORC2 regulates ChREBP-driven de novo lipogenesis and hepatic glucose metabolism.
Academic Article Brown Fat AKT2 Is a Cold-Induced Kinase that Stimulates ChREBP-Mediated De Novo Lipogenesis to Optimize Fuel Storage and Thermogenesis.
Concept Glycogen Synthase Kinase 3 beta
Concept TOR Serine-Threonine Kinases
Concept 3-Phosphoinositide-Dependent Protein Kinases
Academic Article Proximity labeling of endogenous RICTOR identifies mTOR complex 2 regulation by ADP ribosylation factor ARF1.
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